What sort of material will be in the Digital Commons?

Material of research, creative work, and scholarly productivity related to Longwood University. This could be student theses, articles published by faculty, photographs from the archives, and so on. Please see our scope page for more details.

Who can submit content to Digital Commons?

Though we are starting our pilot with faculty who have published material, individuals affiliated with any Longwood University unit – schools, colleges, departments, student organizations, institutes – can contribute content to Digital Commons.

What file formats are acceptable?

Digital Commons supports most discrete file formats for text, audio, video and image files. Submissions in PDF of textual works are encouraged. The library can provide assistance if a PDF of the work is not available or is in print format only.

How do I determine the copyright to my work before submitting previously published work to Digital Commons?

The Library will assist with identifying copyright status and obtaining copyright clearance (when possible) for any published works.

What rights do I grant the University when I deposit my work in Digital Commons?

Contributors submitting materials to the Repository retain their rights to such materials. The non-exclusive agreement acknowledged by contributors specifies that copyright holders retain all rights, title, copyright, and other interest in the materials submitted to the repository. In acknowledging the agreement, contributors also warrant, to the best of their knowledge, that they have permission to grant the rights contained in the agreement and that the submission does not infringe upon anyone else’s copyright.

I don’t have time to digitize or locate all of my publications. Can the library deposit my work on my behalf?

Absolutely! We will assist with locating, digitizing, clearing copyright and depositing your published scholarship in Digital Commons. All you need to do is ask.

Can I withdraw a deposit?

Though the Repository is considered a permanent archive, if valid reasons surface, such as copyright infringement, the work can be removed from view.

What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is an optional add-on to Digital Commons. It is a space for faculty to create and manage their own personal researcher pages. Content from Digital Commons can be collected into and cross-referenced with SelectedWorks sites. We will offer workshops and training for this feature.

I have more questions – whom should I contact?

Please contact our Special Collections and Digital Initiatives Librarian, Amanda Hartman, if you have further questions.

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