Hello, welcome to my Professional Writing ePortfolio. This is a platform to allow me to showcase the professional documents that I have produced throughout 2019.

Professional Profile

My name is Natalie Dean. I am currently a senior at Longwood University where I major in communication sciences and disorders. I plan to graduate on May 18, 2019. Next fall I will pursue my graduate degree in speech-language pathology at Longwood University.  During my summer breaks from college, I work at a child development center. I love my time working with children because it is extremely rewarding to see them flourish in their talents as they mature. While working with children I have learned patience and compassion. These skills have helped me when collaborating with peers and completing major projects.

ePortfolio Purpose and Content 

The purpose of this ePortfolio is to showcase the professional writing documents that I have created in English 470 during the spring semester of 2019. The correspondence was the first assignment that I completed for this course. This assignment required me to relay bad news through a professional letter along with creating a persuasive letter. The next assignment was the brochure which was the first collaborative professional document that I had ever created.  This required my group to create a brochure to showcase a product. During the same time, we also created a press release. This document went along with the same product from the brochure. The very last assignment was the formal report. This is a large document that required great attention to detail and allowed me to practice many professional writing skills.

Through each assignment and assessment in English 470, I have grown in my abilities to create professional documents. I am able to pay greater attention to grammar and the overall design of a document. I have grown in my confidence to present my professional ideas.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and analyze effective (and ineffective) technical communication;
  • Create documents that clearly convey complex, technical information for targeted audiences and  demonstrate effective rhetorical use of visual and verbal elements;
  • Practice oral communication skills through informal and formal presentations;
  • Develop strategies for successful collaboration and to analyze the effectiveness of strategies when applied to collaborative interactions;
  • Participate in productively in-class activities, presentations, and discussions.