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I’ve always wanted to become a teacher, but was unsure of what I should teach. Throughout middle and high school, I began taking music courses to familiarize myself on the history of music. I learned to read, write and perform music and thus it influenced me to major in music once I started college. I held numerous leadership roles in my classes such as being section leader of my voice part. While serving as a section leader, I taught music to my peers while giving constructive feedback on errors I noticed throughout the pieces. Furthermore, my philosophy on leadership is to take initiative based on how others feel, too. As section leader, I was always open to new strategies and concepts that benefitted the entire group. Allowing myself to connect with my peers, made me more confident as a leader because I was openminded and hearing their feedback helped me to enhance my teaching skills. Although I only have a minor in music, I still remain active in music on campus. As President of my music organization, my leadership philosophy of including my friends’ ideas into a beneficial one that serves a purpose for all remains prevalent.

When I was 17, I got my first job as a lifeguard at Water Country USA. It was my first year, and my supervisors were already impressed with my work effort. I trained new employees on the job and proceeded to switch to a different department to develop cooking skills. Within the three years in the culinary department, I became certified to teach food safety to incoming employees. My philosophy was still the same; I was more interested in others’ opinions because I’m aware that my leadership skills should sometimes reflect a little more than my co-workers. Specifically, if an employee lacks skill in one area, I can work with them to enhance that skill. At my current job, I carry the same leadership skills. Although I am no longer a music education major, I hope to acquire my leadership skills in whatever job position I hold. I believe in unity, and teamwork as being the main forces to having a successful career.

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