Internship Spotlight: iHeart NatJo

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Communication Studies Senior Natalie Joseph

A budding student within Longwood’s Communication Studies department, Natalie Joseph, affectionately known as NatJo, was given the internship of a lifetime when she was offered the chance to work at iHeart Radio in Los Angeles.

Living the LA lifestyle while completing an internship that covered everything from digital media posting and taking on-air phone calls, to working at the iHeart theatre for concerts starring artists like Chris Brown, Miguel, and Lady Antebellum. The iHeart Media group want people that can cover in any situation and that’s exactly the experience NatJo got.

“They want to see if you really have a passion for it.”

Being involved on campus in different organisations is something that NatJo highlights as a quality that employers are looking for. “Having a passion for what you do and enjoying it is something that people see within you.”

Being a part of Longwood University’s WMLU radio station with the NatJo Show and having such a large role in the organisation helped Nat in a big way and she believes her experience was a major reason that her application got through at iHeart Radio. “I would tell everyone that if you want to be a writer, join The Rotunda and if you want to be on air then join WMLU.”

“I thought it was going to be really competitive, Professor Halliday always tells us that.”

Beyond the nerves of moving to a new city for a summer, Natalie was ready to accept the challenge of working amongst some of the nation’s finest producers, DJ’s, and radio personalities. The chance to work amongst talent like that was a unique opportunity Nat was keen to dive in to.

Interning in Los Angeles offers limitless professional opportunities and that is something that became apparent to Nat when she got there and despite the competitive side of the industry, she noticed how relaxed the environment was.

“Apply to those long shots because people get them. Somebody has to get them.”

There are only a handful of times in life where you get the opportunity to follow your passion and explore new cities and your internship is one of them. NatJo heavily emphasises the value of being able to experience new surroundings and chase one of her dreams.

Getting that dream internship starts early with crafting a creative resume to stand out, having a passion for your work, and joining relevant clubs to help build your portfolio. Natalie tied all of these components together and landed her dream internship. She’s gained valuable experience and you can listen to her bring it all together on The NatJo show, Monday’s at 10pm.