“It’s not more work, it’s different work.” – Cormier Honors College


In Honors, we are all scholars because we are all embody a common philosophy of determination to our education. The Scholarship pillar is critical to the structure of Honors because it provides the expectations that hold Honors students to a higher academic standard. Those belonging to the Cormier Honors College are encouraged to engage in a revolutionary conceptualization of their academic college experience, embodied by the phrase “it’s not more work, it’s different work”.

Honors students are given the opportunity to take challenging and exciting courses not available for the general population. These courses demand critical thinking above and beyond the standard. They force students to consider different perspectives when navigating coursework and to actually digest the main takeaways of the course, versus mindlessly cramming and forgetting everything after the final exam. All of these skills contribute to the esteemed academic culture of the Cormier Honors College and are applicable in the real world. Whether the students know it or not, they are unconsciously building their skills to become citizen leaders through the Scholarship pillar, creating a strong academic core to Longwood’s student body.