Work Samples

Here are some samples of my work through my years at Longwood University.

This picture is of an Infographic I made on global warming for my LSTU 300 class.

This is my discipline mind map from my LSTU 300 class. I talked about the humanities disciplines, such as history, philosophy, and literature.

Here is my paper from English 209. I wrote an analysis about “A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen.


I wrote my paper on the analysis of “Boy and Girls” by Alice Munro for my English 209 class.



My Resume

I have attached my resume for future employers.

I am currently getting my bachelor of science degree at Longwood University. I hold a executive position on Kappa Delta Pi, an education honors fraternities. I work well and efficiently with others. I am organized and creative.

I have worked for families since I was thirteen, helping them take care of their children. I have worked with children from ages 1 year to 12 years old. I have worked well with all age groups.

I was an assistant to a wedding decelerator for five years. Mrs. Wheaton has taught me to work with others and under pressure. She taught me to utilize my time and make sure that everything got done with my full attention.



These are all of my relevant classes that I have taken at Longwood University:

  • English 382: Grammar Theory and Practice
  • English 380: Children’s Literature
  • English 483: Writing elementary classroom
  • English 400: Advanced Writing Seminar
  • English 209: Intro to Literary Analysis
  • English 381: Young Adult Literature
  • English 202: British Literature
  • English 150: Writing and Research

I chose English for my minor because I like to write and read. When I was a kid I wanted to work for a publishing company, to put those books out in the world. I have loved reading all my life and I want to work with books or have some sort of writing/reading career. My grammar class has taught me how to catch grammar mistakes in other works and in my own. My children’s Literature and young adult literature class have given me a chance to read books and talk about what makes these books good for children. It more than reading but seeing what the author has intended for the reader to get out of it. My Intro to Literary Analysis class has taught me more about looking at the text in depth. My writing class has taught me how to write a paper about different topics and how to reach the readers on a more personal level. These English classes have taught me how to look at writing in a different lens. Books and articles are not just words on a page, but hold a deeper meaning as long as you are willing to see it.

Newspaper’s Stocks

I chose the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal to compare their stocks. For each data set I chose the recent three months of the stock period, from July 7, 2018 to October 12, 2018. I chose to compare the ‘close’ period in each stock company. The close period means the end of the trading session or the closing price. I wanted to compare the closing price because I wanted to know how each company did at the end of the trading session. I wanted to know how well the companies did.

I chose to do a line chart because they are easier to see the changes over small periods of time. In a line chart you can see the little changes that the companies might make. It shows how well the Washington Post did at the closing period. It shows the New York Times staying relatively the same but the Washington Post moved up and down a lot. The blue line is the New York Times. Their stock tinker is NYT.  The red line is the Wall Street Journal, which was bought by Microsoft Corporation. The Wall Street Journal stock tinker is MSFT. The orange line is the Washington Post, which was bought by Graham Holding Company. The stock tinker is GHC.

I chose to compare newspaper companies because I wanted to see how well they are doing in today’s society. Newspapers are becoming digital which means that they have to change. I was curious to see if some of the newspaper companies were able to stay afloat and become digital.

About Me

I have become an expert in Liberal Studies, education major I’m studying at Longwood University.  For the last three years, I have taken education classes. I have taken classes on how to teach math and literacy to elementary students. I have learned different ways to teach math and literacy. I have learned by doing math problems that elementary students will have to learn. I learned by seeing mistakes that students have made and how to explain to the student why it is wrong and how to correct the problem. I have learned how to incorporate reading into the classroom. Bring in books that the students will know about and teach a lesson through those books. I am on the executive position in Kappa Delta Pi. I am in charge of putting mentors and mentees together. I put together socials to help these students get to know each other. I chose this position because it is a great oppourity to bring people together. The younger students can learn from the older students and the older students can help the younger students. I have learned more about the education program at Longwood and met more people in my field.

I approach leadership with honesty. If a leader cannot be honest, then the leader is not trustworthy. I want to be trustworthy to my colleagues. The leader has to have great communication skills. The leader should not be misunderstood, if they are then there will be chaos. Leaders should be fair and supportive. The leader should support the people around them. My philosophy about work, is that there needs to be teamwork. There are benefits for teamwork; accessing more ideas and helping each other reach mutual goals. There should be motivation in your work. Commitment to your job will bring in dedication and good results. And while working, you should lead by example. Showing leadership in the job.

I have worked for many families in taking care of their children. I was a babysitter for many years. Before taking the job, I would discuss what the children can and cannot do while I was there. I would learn what was okay for me to do while I was babysitting. Even though I was in someone else’s house, I acted very professional. It is very important to act professional. Over the summer, I worked at Primrose School of Midlothian at Waterford. This taught me how to work with children of all ages. I worked with children as young as six months old and as old as twelve. Monday through Friday I worked with toddlers, fifteen to twenty-four months old. We would play with toys on the floor. I would change diapers and wipe noses.


Hello world!

After the shooting in Parkland Florida, the Trump administration wants a federal commission on school safety. Betsy Devos, the Secretary of Education, wants schools to use their money to purchase guns. These guns would be put in the hands of the school’s teachers, who will most likely be untrained. The Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant is a flexible billing funding source to provide a well-rounded education, improve the conditions of the school, and improve the use of technology. This money should do exactly that, but Ms. Devos would like that money to be spent arming the teachers. The government should work on control and regulation on guns, to make it harder for people with mental issues to get guns. Putting guns in the hands of teachers and school staff is endangering the safety of the people in the school. What happens if a student steals the teachers gun? What happens when the police show up and see a teacher with a gun? Since the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, there has been over two hundred school shooting. Most of the shooters are getting their guns from their home, gun control can help prevent them from accessing guns. We are living in a country that cares more about guns than children’s lives.

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