ENSC-162-50 Explorations in Environmental Science

One of my favorite courses in the Honors College was my time in environmental studies with Dr. Labosier. Before going into the class, I was unsure how to feel about taking a harder version of a science class given that science has not always been my strong suit. However, my time in that class soon became very cherished by me. As part of the class, we did a semester long research project that we had the privilage to present at the end of the semester. For us, we looked into global warming and urban heat islands. In doing so, I learned a lot more about my impact on the world and its environment. I also learned how crucial teamwork can be in the real world outside of primary education. As a class, we spent time going outside and measuring the temperature and humidty while also plotting GPS coordinated to help us with the thermal readings of Longwood’s campus. Not only did I grow close with my classmates, but I also learned to appreciate how helpful professors like Dr. Labosier can be and what they truly do for us. Overall, it is something I wish I could do again. It taught me more than what the syllabus had said. Attached below is the link to my final research paper for the class.


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