CTZN-110-50 Inquiry into Citizenship

Part of the curriculum at Longwood is their Citizenship courses as though they are the pillar of the beliefs and ideals that Longwood hopes to instill in the students. At first, this class seemed daunting and scary because it was the first class I took as a college kid. Perhaps I misjudged at first because the class ended up being one of my favorites. In my time throughout that class, we learned of the aspects of social entrepreneurship or how to promote ideas of social welfare in the same way ideas of conglomerate field are promoted.  For me, I did a small project to raise awareness about the pollution in the Chesapeake Bay caused by man made contributions. As part of this, three other classmates and myself constructed a disruptive art exhibit consisting of recycled trash and materials planted in Upchurch to bring awareness (attached to this page is a picture of the team that helped put this together). Not only did this class teach me to work with people of all different backgrounds but also to look at the world through a whole new lense. Attached below is the link to our project pitch with insight into the effort and outreach we wanted to have with this project.


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