To My Senior Self

Dear future Alyssa,

Was senior year the best? I know, I know, you’re probably just glad it’s finally over, but I hope it was. Now, it’s time to get prepared for the NCLEX! If you don’t pass the first time, who cares? Just prepare and don’t overthink anything. Can you believe it? Four years done, four years left to go. Or did you decide to do something else? If so, I know it’s for the best and you wouldn’t have made the decision without taking everyone and everything¬† into consideration. Right now, I just finished the first year and I’m already to go back! By the way, where did you study abroad? As you know, that is what I am most currently anticipating. Make sure you don’t fall or trip as you graduate. I really don’t want to end up on Youtube or something. I know mom and dad will be taking lots of pictures so it will definitely end up on Facebook.

Best wishes,

Alyssa of 2019


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