Honors Courses

Foundation: Inquiry into Citizenship: CTZN 110- Bodies and Citizens

The project above is my final project for the course. My professor assigned the students to pick a topic that was controversial and to make a course that explained several aspects and to present the course with a three-minute presentation. My project was on pregnant substance abusers. In the course, Bodies and Citizens, we went over what the difference of being a citizen or body was in a nation or community. My topic questioned autonomy v. the unborn child. To help me complete the project, the lessons I learned about the conflict of ethics and how muddy it can be allowed me to fully express the pros and cons of the topic. What I took away from the course is that to a body can be a citizen, however citizen cannot be a body because of the limitations of laws of the time period a citizen has to abide by.

Foundation: Writing and Rhetoric (ENGL 165)

In the above paper, I wrote a personal essay about a time in my life where I questioned myself, but endured and came out in a brighter light. Out of all the projects I was assigned, I believe this paper allowed me to draw out my creativity into writing. It was very enjoyable to write and let other people read. In the class, the professor taught me techniques to grab the audience and keep them stimulated. When the semester was over, I knew that I would be more confident in my writing style for coming papers that I will be assigned.

Human Behavior and Social Institutions Pillar: EDUC 245

During this course, I learned several things about how someone could grow up and the differences it can have on a child. The project above was the presentation on a research paper on three children in different development stages. The objective was to observe the differences and similarities each child had. I learned how different people are cognitively, socially, and physically. I will be able to use the information that I learned in this class in my future career of nursing. The professor thoroughly explained the theories behind development through the environment and genetics and how both aspects impact a child through adulthood. I realized on one of the first days how practical this class was because you could use it for future children or for a future career.

Fundamentals of Chemistry I- CHEM 111- 50

This course had many opportunities for students to succeed and pass the class. We had lectures that allowed the incorporation of basic chemistry into the real world in addition to the history, and the units of chemistry. The lab report above is an example to show how we connected the experiment to what we learning that week and to the outside world. This class taught me the basic understanding of chemistry and how this interacts with the environment. The purpose is the ability to use that understanding for my future career, etc.

The Appreciation of Music – MUSC 224 – 50

This course is a pillar and an honors requirement. The sample above is the research paper we had to do for the honors section. We had to choose an artist and connect it to our major. This type of paper is similar to what we have to do in other major or honor classes as well. This class was fairly difficult because I had to incorporate listening into my studies and be quizzed on it as well. The goal of this class is to go from minimal knowledge of music to understanding the changes in music over centuries.

Aging and the Life- SOCL 331- 50

This class is a major requirement. For the honors section of the class, I had to use the book in class and connect it to the book meetings we had with the community and other students. However, due to covid-19, it was cancelled. I was not able to start the honors project for this class. Above is a sample of the alternative we used. It was a reflection of the book chapters I read and my thoughts about it. The goal of this course is to incorporate aging with my major of nursing.

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