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The bonds that form between Longwood faculty members and students are one of our university’s most distinctive characteristics. These connections often endure well beyond commencement exercises, and the spirit that inspires them has cemented Longwood’s reputation not only as a place of higher education but also of genuine collaboration between professor and student.

Click on the photos to find out more about a few of these uncommon bonds.

Dr. Consuelo Alvarez & Maddie Stevens Humerick ’09

Abbey O’Connor & Stuart Paykel ’14

Hadley Sporbert & Molly Dibble ’13

Frances Reeve & Carrie Campbell ’12

Dr. Jim Jordan & Morgan Cloud ’14

Dr. Dale Beach & Heaven Cerritos ’14

Dr. Nancy Powers & Pam Venable, grad student

Dr. Rhonda Brock-Servais & Matt Prickett ’06, M.A. ’07

Dr. Michele Norman & Taylor Magda ’14

Dr. Matthew Lucas & Erica Wallace

Dr. Melanie Marks & Mandy Thompson Swanson ’08

Dr. George Banks & Darrell Christensen ’13