Visiting “D-Hall”

On Wednesday, we took a field trip to the Longwood Dining Hall. We were given a comprehensive tour of the facility, including the prep kitchen, serving areas, and dining areas.

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Exploring Slime

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Woods bought a slime-making kit to bring to school. The kit included premeasured ingredients that, when combined, would make a viscous slime for children to play with.

When we first offered the pre-made slime, the children were interested in “messing about” with the material. They manipulated it using their hands and fingers, as well as with tools. This experience provoked a great deal of language as the children described the sensation of the slime as they worked with it.

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Field Trip to the Greenhouse

This morning, we took a walking field trip to the Chichester Science Center to visit Longwood’s Greenhouse! The Greenhouse is home to several hundred species of plants of all shapes and sizes. The children were fascinated with the variety that they observed! Dr. Mark Fink, director of the greenhouse, gave us a personal tour of the facility.

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