Survey Questions

My research question is: How do students feel about their altered college experience due to COVID-19 regulations being put in place.

Question I will use to operationalize my dependent variable: On a scale from 0-10, how satisfied are you with your overall college experience this semester?

Question I will use to operationalize my independent variable: Over all what has your experience been like this semester? What would you change? What seems to be working well?

These are good and well written questions because they are spoken in simple manners so that anyone can read and understand it. The first question has a limited number of answers, being it somewhere from 1-10 while the second has a longer winded answer option. The options in the second question do not overlap and is not double barreled, nor is the first one.

The best practices for survey research for me is to gather information from your respondents and compare the answers to the population questioned. For example, if you have a survey on Title XI violations and give it to students, it would be most interesting to study (for me at least) white, male responses to it, especially those are negative. This is because that is a population within college known for most of the Title XI allegations, and so it would more than likely yield the most interesting and biased results.