Post #4: Visual Rhetoric vs. Marketing Products/Ideas

Due by the class on 9/8

Respond to the following based on the readings due for our class on 9/8. There is no length requirement, but make sure your responses are actually addressing the prompts (which might require at least a few sentences for each).

Phillips and McQuarrie:

-What is a visual metaphor?

-What is typology?

-What does a rhetorical approach to advertisement help us accomplish?


-What are some of the lenses that can be used to adopt a rhetorical approach to visual communication?

-What are some of the major terms and concepts that Kenney addresses to aid us study visuals from a rhetorical perspective?

Once you answer the questions, pick one concept from your discussion, and then locate at least one poster/print ad or a TV commercial that represents this concept. Explain how the concept operates in your selected ad (or ads)—for an example, see how Phillips and McQuarrie explain the rhetoric of certain ads in their article.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Creative Commons image posted on Flickr by ING Group