BIO 250

Intro to Genetics and Cell Biology

Compared to the Bio 120, this was a bit more difficult overall from the grading to the new content to the different types of assignments. This class focused more on genetics and the cells that make up organisms and went into way more detail. The grading was also a bit stricter and took some getting used to. I felt like even if I knew a subject front to back, questions on the exam were taken from a graph in the textbook I had overlooked. It was definitely frustrating at times because I put a lot of effort into studying and preparing for exams, but I still found myself stuck with problems I thought I knew. It wasn’t the worse class I had during my first year, but was also a lot at some times. There’s not a lot for me to say on this class because although I just finished it this past semester, its hard to say there was anything very memorable about it expect that I spent many late nights reviewing. Overall this was a class I had to consistently work hard in and there was very little room to slack off in. I still enjoyed the topics that were covered and I liked the professor, but this class definitely left my head hurting with all the information I had to know! For this class we got with different materials and tools I hadn’t previously gotten to work with in lab, which was a lot of fun. It was definitely interesting being able to observe your own DNA sequence and determine your genotype for a certain characteristic. Below is the link to my final presentation poster on the experiment that was conducted through the second half of the semester! I am individual one while my partner was individual two.

Final Project Presentation (Spring 2020)