Professional Writing

S- P.G. is a 61-year-old female who came into the agency requesting assistance due to
having a house fire this past weekend. P.G. is asking for assistance with clothing, financial support to house her temporarily at a local motel, financial support to acquire a deposit for a new place to live, and assistance finding housing within the county. She stated that she has been in contact with Tri-County and STEPS Inc. in Farmville, STEPS Inc. could not assist her due to her being a current resident of Charlotte County. P.G. stated the Red Cross had provided her with $200.00, which helped her with the motel room for a couple nights, a little bit of clothes, and food for the few days until she receives her SNAP benefits on February 1st. P.G. discussed with the student intern about how the fire started, that she was heating her home with a space heater and it was plugged into an extension cord, which caught fire. This created damage to the kitchen and bedroom area. This is not the first time that P.G. has had this happen in the home and the heating does not work due to her not having the available funds for the oil that is needed to fuel the heater. The intern suggested fuel assistance, which P.G. stated she uses to pay her electric bill instead.

O- P.G. was wearing a coat, shirt, sweatpants, and crocs. She appeared to be tired and
stressed, mostly due to losing her home. She did seem confused about certain question and
mixed up about who had paid what and when. She is not sure of anywhere she can go and does not seem confident about paying to remain at the motel for more than a couple nights. P.G. does receive SSI benefits in the amount of $933.00 on the first of each month. P.G. has family that is able to provide transportation but not able to provide housing accommodations, even temporarily.

A- It seems that P. G. is trying to find resources, but it is not clear what they are for. The
agency cannot give her money for a deposit without there being a housing solution that requires a deposit. At times P. G. does not seem to remember or know exact amounts or who assisted in what. It is unknown if it is safe for P.G. to return to the house since a fire has occurred previously due to her having a space heater plugged into an extension cord. It is also unknown about the logistics of a family support system and if they are taking advantage of her or vice versa with her taking advantage of them. This has been an ongoing dilemma the agency has faced when working with this client in the past.

P-The student intern will be connecting P.G. with Operation Blessing in order to receive
clothing and other necessities. The student intern will be following up with the landlord to
inquire about if he is fixing the residency and/or if he plans to allow P.G. Back into the home,
and if there is a time frame for these situations. The student intern is requesting a housing list and following up with the locations on it about availability for P.G. and if any of these could fit the criteria needed for her. The student intern is also following up with P.G. from time to time to ensure she is safe and seeking housing at local places in hopes to assist if she finds a location to live.