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Welcome to the Longwood University Student Research Survey site.

Please click on the “Active Research Surveys” tab to see a list of surveys being conducted by Longwood University students for class and independent research projects.


Longwood University students who would like to take a survey

If you are a current Longwood University student, you may complete any of the surveys posted on the “Active Student Research Surveys” tab as long as you are in the target population for the survey. Participation in these surveys is voluntary.

Successful completion of a survey will enter you into a drawing for prizes, including water bottles, travel blankets, t-shirts, and more. Award winners will be notified at the end of the semester. The more surveys you do, the more entries you have!  Your entry will not be connected in any way to your survey responses.


Longwood University students who are creating surveys-

If you are a current Longwood University student and you would like to post a survey on this site, please submit your survey here: Student Research Survey Submission Link

Please remember that you will likely need to obtain approval from Longwood’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) before you administer your survey. Please visit the Longwood IRB Committee webpage for more information.

Please see the Student Research Survey Submission Link for important information about required survey items.

Questions? Contact Dr. Amorette Barber, Director, Office of Student Research