SOCL351: Sociology of Family Violence

The purpose of the project is to inform people on ways to deal with and help individuals who are dealing with elder and disabled persons self neglect. Self neglect is common in this demographic of individuals and we used this to show how to look at potential risk factors and other things which may effect these individuals. The target audience is the families of these individuals as well as the nurses taking care of them. I could have better improved some of the ways I explained the issues at hand but we did well on explaining risk factors which are felt with in these situations. 

The key competencies which enhanced my learning were career and self development, critical thinking, equity and inclusion, professionalism, teamwork, and technology. I used this project to look at what I want my career to be and how I can deal with these issues in the future. This project as well helped me with thinking about things deeper than I normally would as well as looking at how to treat other individuals in these situations and including everyone. Professionalism, teamwork, and technology all work together in how I am going to use them in the future. Working with a team showed me how to properly do this as well as how to better use technology in these situations.

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