Workshop Reflection

The National Association of Colleges and Employers identifies eight career-ready competencies. Throughout this project I believe I demonstrated and enhanced leadership. I am not usually the one to take the initiative and lead group projects, but I thought that taking on this role benefited our group greatly; without my involvement, I’m not sure how well this project would have worked out. Going off of this I definitely demonstarted good critical thinking as well because of taking on this role. I was also working on another group project at the same time, so coordinating meetings, assisting others when concerns arose, and multitasking were all things that I had to consider during the project.

Despite these things that I improved on, there are a few things I still need to work on. Personally, one of my greatest shortcomings is communication, and when juggling numerous other assignments, I became distant and failed to communicate effectively in order to make the presentation development process go more smoothly. If I had communicated my concerns more and effectively communicated what needed to be done I feel as though the final product would have been a lot better. Towards the end we all also worked on the presentation seperately instead of coming together and doing it as a group which I don’t feel is the best way of going about a group project. In the end I was satisified and it was a good learning experience, that will help me in the future when I encounter another collaborative project.