My Introduction To The Canterbury Scene

The Canterbury scene is a progressive rock subgenre created in Canterbury, Kent, England during the late 1960s. The genre includes a blend of jazz, rock, and psychedelia sounds. I have no experience listening to music from the Canterbury scene and the purpose of this review is going to be to give unbiased and honest opinions on the subgenre. 

The Canterbury artist we are going to be reviewing is a group called The Wilde Flowers. The Wilde Flowers were a band that was considered to be the founders of this genre. The band was formed in 1964 and all members eventually parted ways and split. 

First song I will be reviewing is called “Parchman Farm”. The song consists of a good amount of jazz and rock fusions that really caught my attention. “Parchman Farm” creates a comforting sense of nostalgia to me. This would have to be one of my favorites I listened to.

Next track is one called “Memories”. “Memories” was very experimental and fun to listen to. It’s a song that suits every mood and sounds refreshing to the ears. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore their discography.

As I listen to more of The Wilde Flowers’ catalog, it’s clear that their music had an amazing impact on the jazz-rock fusion music scene. Their music is more than just sounds; they’re a snapshot of a time when the music industry was looking for something exciting. While the Canterbury Scene isn’t a very popular subgenre, it’s safe to say it should be.