Post #5: Symbolic Convergence Analysis

The artifact that I have chosen for my Symbolic Convergence Analysis using fantasy theme, fantasy type, and symbolic cue¬† is the “On your left” scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This scene has Steve Rogers running past Sam Wilson a couple of times with each time the former saying “on your left”.

Using fantasy theme, rhetorical vision, fantasy type, and symbolic cue is how a Symbolic Convergence Analysis is done. Fantasy theme is how the artifact is communicated via a joke, metaphor, figure of speech, or another method along those lines. The rhetorical vision is the shareable way of interpreting the story. Fantasy type can also be considered the genre of an artifact. Symbolic cue is an inside joke that only those that know the story will understand.

The fantasy theme is Steve saying to Sam “on your left” every time he passes the latter. The sanctioning agent, the force that legitimizes Steve’s behavior, is him wanting to mess with a fellow veteran of the armed forces. With my Dad having served in the military I can say that this is actually common among veterans, especially if they served in the same branch of the military or in the same unit. The fantasy type is comedy even though the movie itself is considered sci-fi, action, and adventure. The artifact itself serves as a light and comedic moment in the film. The Symbolic cue is “on your left” since it’s usually said while being right next to the other person than running past them. I have actually seen joggers say “on your left” and other people who have never seen the movie think that the person saying it is just being polite.


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