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Post #6: Narrative vs Pentadic Criticism

Due by the class period on Monday, March 28th

Post your responses to the following in your own blog, and be ready to share your responses during our upcoming class meetings.

  1. Find a short commercial or a video (a few minutes), and identify its pentadic elements. Then, in a few sentences, explain the rhetorical implications of each element.
  2. Now, also identify the elements of the artifact through narrative criticism (its objective, its features [setting, theme, etc]. Just identify the elements (you don’t need to explain the implications for all elements at this point).
  3. Finally, think about the narrative breakdown compared to your preliminary pentadic criticism, and consider the similarities and differences between what you have found as a result of each. Based on your observations: What are the similarities and/or differences between narrative criticism and pentadic criticism of this artifact? What are the possible overlaps in the findings of each analysis? What else (in addition to the findings of a narrative criticism) can pentadic criticm help us reveal about the underlying rhetorical messages of an artifact?

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