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Post #5: Metaphor Criticism and Ideology

Due by the class period on Friday, February 26th

Based on your reading and our class discussions of metaphor criticism, blog about the following two prompts.

1) Find an artifact that either…

-presents a metaphor (e.g., “Argument is War” presented through lines in a film dialogue, such as “He attacked my argument”, “I demolished her argument”, “She won the argument”, “I shot his argument down”);

-or serves entirely as a metaphor (e.g., the plot line of a sci-fi TV show actually serving as a metaphor for a certain group’s everyday life).

Demonstrate how this artifact either presents a certain metaphor (for example, equating argument to war or dance or something else–but you should find an artifact with a different metaphor) OR serves as a metaphor itself, by providing at least a few (3 or so) brief textual examples (from the verbal and visual details presented in the artifact).

2) What is the relationship between ideological criticism and metaphor criticism? Discuss at least in a few sentences.

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