In response to the pre-cMOOC week blogging opportunity (I know I’m a few days late!):

What do you hope to get from Open Learning ’18?

As I mentioned in the Twitter chat on 2/8, I’ve been hearing about Open Educational Resources (OER) in the library world for awhile, but I’m hoping this cMOOC will get me to a better place to advocate for them on my campus. I’m also intrigued by this idea of “All the Opens.” I’ve only ever thought in terms of OER, but to be exposed to different ideas of open classrooms and learning is new to me. As a librarian, instruction is a key component to my job, so I look forward to learning how to make the classroom a more open space in terms of shared ideas and giving students more of a say (and hopefully, more buy-in) in the learning process.

What do you hope to contribute to Open Learning ’18?

I’m not sure yet! I really responded to Sue Erickson’s blog post, which was one of the pre-cMOOC readings. I set up a Twitter account specifically for this experience (and I’ve already participated in my first Twitter chat!). I’m blogging for the first time in over a year. I’m an expert lurker, so this idea of connecting is out of my comfort zone. I don’t feel like I’m going to become a Node during this cMOOC, but I hope to step out a bit and explore the possibilities. I’m just hoping that my participation will add to the conversations that will happen during this course.