Self-Care Plan

Self-care is extremely important and something that people, especially students, need to incorporate into their life if they have not already. Here are some self-care strategies that I plan to actively employ in my life.

  1. Exercise – I love exercising, whether that be going on a long walk or lifting weights. It acts as a way for me to relieve stress but also has been enhancing and improving my physical health.
  2. Spending Time With Friends and Family – My friends and family are a major support system in my life. They help to keep me grounded and provide the emotional support that I need.
  3. Traveling – Traveling to new places, my favorite places, and fun spots gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction in my life. It also gives me something to look forward to, especially if it’s a planned vacation.
  4. Balanced Diet – I try to incorporate meals in my daily routine that are nutritious and beneficial to my overall well-being, but I also allow myself to eat foods and drink beverages that I find comforting. I find that having a balanced diet keeps nutrition exciting and satisfying.
  5. Doing Something That I Enjoy Every Day – One of the best pieces of advice that I was given was to always include something in my daily routine that makes me happy. Being a student, and eventually, a counselor, will keep me busy and add stress to my life. Doing something that brings me joy and comfort is something I will strive to add to my routine.
  6. Plenty of Rest Each Day – This is something that I struggle to make a priority in my life, but I’ve noticed that my mental and physical health is better on the days that I’m well-rested.
  7. Discussing My Personal Feelings with Peers – Being a counselor requires me to listen to the feelings and emotions of my clients, which can be overwhelming at times. I’ve noticed that it helps me mentally to discuss my own personal feelings and mental state with individuals that I trust.
  8. Mental Health Day – One thing that I’ve found helpful throughout my undergraduate and now in my graduate program is having a day where I can relax and focus on myself. This could include taking a break from any coursework, watching TV, going out with friends, or taking a day to do nothing. This helps me to regroup and ease any anxiety that I may have over tasks or upcoming events.
  9. Set Work Hours – As a student, it can be hard to find a consistent time block in the day to work on assignments or coursework. Finding a specific time frame in my day to work will help me to reduce stress over upcoming assignments and manage my time wisely.
  10. Self-Awareness – Being aware of my own struggles and mental health can be beneficial. It can be hard at times to always know what and how I’m feeling, but actively working on my own self-awareness will allow me to be an effective counseling professional one day. This will also be a useful strategy to use as a graduate student.