My name is Maddy Payne and I am a senior double majoring in psychology and liberal studies with a minor in children’s literature. I aspire to be a mental health counselor and work with children. I have always wanted to work with children and help them, this combined with my interest in the field of mental health is what drives me to want to be a counselor. As a mental health professional, it is important to ensure I am clear and concise in my writing especially with legal documents.

This portfolio displays a full semester of professional writing projects. I have performed writing projects for numerous audiences including data collection and research and delivering “bad news” to a company. I am capable and comfortable using language and grammar to clearly communicate my point in a professional manner. I am now familiar with use of graphic and media in documents of professional and informal writing. While creating these documents I was required in collaborate with my peers, mirroring the collaboration process in the work force. I have successfully mastered the following Course guidelines.

Course Learning Outcomes 

  1. Analyze and produce writing genres commonly found in the professional world (e.g., business, gov., media);
  2. Create professional documents that use plain English (clear, concise, and grammatically correct);
  3. Conduct research to create content for a variety of professional documents (memos, letters, reports, etc.);
  4. Create professional documents that use design—standard formats, layout, use of graphics, etc.
  5. Practice oral communication skills to present content effectively (enhanced with multimedia tools);
  6. Participate productively in collaborative projects.