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Student Research

Research is an integral part of Longwood’s student experience, and this is especially true of the Neuroscience Studies Minor. Not only does research boost your chances of acceptance in a graduate program after you complete your Bachelor’s degree, it also offers an opportunity for hands-on application of the ideas you learn in your classes.

LU PRISM Program

Longwood has several opportunities for student research to suit a variety of needs. The PRISM program is an 8-week summer research endeavor between students and a supervising faculty member that culminates in a presentation to faculty, peers, and other interested parties. While PRISM is competitive, the rewards are worth it. Not only do you gain practical research experience, it comes with a stipend to supplement your living expenses! Follow the link at right for more information.

Spring Research Symposium

If Summer research doesn’t interest you, consider the Spring Research Symposium as a reasonable alternative. Spring research occurs conveniently during the regular semester, and is therefore an ideal way to enjoy a research opportunity without sacrificing your summer. Another advantage is that spring research can be done in cooperation with a Neuroscience Studies elective course option:

  • NEUR 490 – Independent Research in Neuroscience (1-18 credits)
  • NEUR 492 – Internship in Neuroscience (1-15 credits)
  • NEUR 498 – Honors Research in Neuroscience (3 credits)*

Click the link above for more information.

*Must be supervised by a senior honors research committee representative and approved by the Neuroscience Studies minor director.

Still confused? Contact Dr. Franssen or the Office of Student Research with questions.