Second critique- Brand Comparison

This is the link to my video of the shoe comparison of my Birkenstock’s and Crocs I own

In the first part of my video, one of the items I used was my Birkenstock. From my experience of owning Birkenstocks, they are pretty reliable shoes because they are made out of real leather. They will mold to your feet over time, which is great because it makes it more comfortable when you walk. If you want to dress up or if you would like to just dress casually, these shoes can go with almost anything! Although they have some drawbacks, if you get them wet they can form actual mold on them and are uncomfortable to walk in when wet. But other than that, I highly recommend these shoes!

This is my Birkenstock from the first comparison in the video.

The second comparison I used in my video is my Crocs. This is also a great shoe because Crocs are waterproof, so they are good to use if you are going to a pool or a beach. If you need a pair of shoes to get dirty, Crocs are what you want because they are made out of rubber and are super easy to clean. However, they are not without limitations. You can trip in them easily since they are made out of rubber, and they can also make you slip if you are not careful. But other than that, I also highly recommend these shoes if you want a pair of shoes that are waterproof and can get dirty . 

This is my Croc I used for my second comparison in the video.

These shoes may seem like the total opposite of each other, which in a lot of ways they are, but what they do have in common is that they are both fairly cheap considering how long they last. I would recommend these shoes to anyone searching for a stylish shoe or one that can become dirty but is still easy to clean.

Comparison with both shoes together I used from the video.