How to Print

The Library’s computer printers use LancerCa$h. All users will need a current LancerCard or Guest Card for printing. Guest cards can be purchased for one dollar at a LancerCa$h add-value station, one of which is in the Library between the copiers. Printing costs 9 cents per page for black and white, and one dollar per page for color.

To print, you will log on to any of the desktop computers in the Library and open the file you wish to print, then follow the steps below.

  1.  Go to the File menu and choose “Print”.
  2.  Select Printer 1 or 2 for black & white or Color for color printing.
  3.  Click Print.
  4.  For Students: When prompted, put in a job description in the first line and your LancerNet ID in the second line. Your LancerNet ID is what you use to sign into canvas and MyLongwood. 
    For Guests: When prompted, put in a job description in the first line and the last 5 digits from the back of the guest card in the second line.
  5.  Go to the printer station located against the glass wall in the Learning Commons.
  6.  Swipe your LancerCard.
  7.  Select your print job and click Print.
  8.  Retrieve your black and white print job from Printer 1 or 2 located beside the computers. Retrieve your color print job from the color printer which is located to the left, past the copiers and the double doors.