Special Collections Spotlight: Trickster




Trickster: Native American tales : a graphic collection / edited by Matt Dembicki

In the Inscribed Collection; signed by the author

Link to the catalog: http://readpac.longwood.edu//record=b1371825




Student assistant Chandler Pascale chose to highlight Trickster. He writes:

While in Special Collections, a book in the Inscribed section entitled “Trickster” stood out from the rest. Compiled and edited by Matt Dembicki, it tells American Indian stories through the use of illustrations. It’s a graphic novel, presented like a comic book. However, the subject matter is more serious, and the book begins with a tale describing how the stars were made and why coyotes howl.

This book is in Special Collections because it’s signed. It is interesting to read because it grants a different aspect to viewing an often-ignored culture. Also, it might be useful for younger readers who have trouble visualizing written or spoken allegories.

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