Special Collections Spotlight: Dead Run

Dead Run



Dead Run: The Untold Story of Dennis Stockton and America’s Only Mass Escape from Death Row

In the Virginia Authors Collection; signed by the author

Link to the catalog: http://readpac.longwood.edu//record=b1306666


Student assistant Kim Honor chose to highlight Dead Run. She writes:

 “It is part of the Virginia Authors Collection and tells the story of Dennis Stockton who plots an ingenious escape plan from Mecklenburg Correctional Center. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to die. The book tells of all scandal surrounding his trial as well as his time in prison. Using his diary as a primary source, readers learn of the conditions of the prison and how the plot came to life as well as who was involved. A total of six prisoners escaped Death Row because of his plan. This book caught my eye as was going through the Virginia Authors Collection. I had no idea that Virginia supported the death penalty and I definitely never knew that there had been as mass escape from the system. This book is now on my ‘to-read’ list!”

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