Important Printing/Photocopy Charging Changes

Who’s effected?

  • Everyone who prints in the campus computing labs or who prints/photocopies in the Greenwood Library.
  • Non-affiliated users: If you are not affiliated with Longwood you may purchase a “Guest Card” for $1 at the Add Value Station located in Lankford Hall.  You will then need to add funds to this card through the same machine or in the LancerCard Center located in G22 Lancaster Hall

What’s changed?

  • You must have a cash balance on your Lancer CA$H account to print or photocopy in the labs and/or Library.  Print charges will no longer be billed to your student account.  Photocopies cost $.08 and computer prints cost $.09 for b/w and $1.00 for color.

When does this change take effect?

How to deposit money:

  1. In person at the LancerCard Center in G22 Lancaster Hall (cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa accepted)
  2. At the Add-Value station in Lankford (cash only)
  3. Online at (MasterCard and Visa)