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When high schoolers are making the transformation to college, they realize their studying habits from high school are not as effective when they go to college. This is understandable because the college workload is more intense than it was in high school. I’m here to inform you today about the greatest strategies to assist you in studying so that you can obtain the best grades possible while in college.

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Getting sleep matters!

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day can help you concentrate better while you are studying. This is because our brains rest while we sleep, and while they are resting, they are processing the information that you have been studying, which aids in greater memory! When our brains send signals to tell us we are tired when we are studying, we tend to think slower, and we don’t retain all of the information we’re learning. If you want more information on how sleeping helps you memorize better, visit Cappello K., (2020). The Impact of Sleep on Learning and Memory. Pereleman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania

Staying organized

One of the things that has helped me the most is staying organized with my work. What has helped me the most by staying organized is making a different folder for each of my classes so I know exactly where my work is. Knowing where all my work actually helps me get my work done faster because I am not wasting time looking for it. I have realized that when I have a bunch of papers scattered all around my desk, it actually makes it more difficult for me to find what I am looking for and distracts me. When I have a lot of different papers to utilize for an assignment, having two distinct stacks has helped me the most. One stack contains the papers that are least relevant for the task, and the second stack contains the papers that I will be needing the most. Some additional tips from a website to also stay organized Sandoval W,. (2021). 8 Tips to Stay Organized in College. Best Colleges.

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Planning head

I cannot stress this enough while in college PLAN AHEAD! If you are like me and your school work can take you longer than others to do, then planning on doing your work ahead of time will help you so much. For example, my first semester of college I thought I could skim my homework and still get good grades… and believe me it did not work. I realized that starting assignments days before they are do, gave me more time to ask my professor questions, understand the material better, and help me not fall behind on your school work. My first semester of college I went from getting C’s to my second semester of college getting A’s and B’s by starting assignments sooner.

Taking effective notes

When you are in your lettuce for class, be sure that you are taking notes on your professor slides and also any extra information they tell you, but since your professors can go kind of fast during lettuces, I have learned that rewriting your notes after class will help you obtain the information better. Rewriting my notes after class on paper has helped me a lot because I am able to have neater and more organized notes. I have also learned that rewriting my notes in different colors for different sections in my notes has helped me obtain the information better. I recommend this website Rosenthal L., (2020). Study Tip: Add Color to Your Notes. Moorpark College for more information on how effective color coding is. Something to also add while taking notes is that you can either add or draw pictures. For example, if I am having a difficult time trying to remember a piece of information in my notes, I always draw a picture to help me remember what it means.

Having a study group

With a study group what I do is study some of the material before I go to, so I know some of the information on what we are studying. Study groups are wonderful because if you have questions about the material that you are studying, people in your group can help you clarify any questions that you may have. When I am discussing the material with others in my study group, it helps me absorb the material better. Studying groups have really helped me since I have been in college because the people in my group have taught me new ways to study, and finding a positive study group can help you be more motivated to study the material! 

Studying in college

Studying in college may be time consuming and difficult at first, but once you find the best way to study for you, then it will become easier. When I first came to college I struggling a lot until I found that these tips above is which help me improve my grades by a mile!

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