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Hi! My name is Jessica Rivas and I am a graduating senior this Spring 2020 from Longwood University. My major is Liberal Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education and Middle School English Education. I am originally from Lawrenceville, Va, which is a small, rural town near the North Carolina and Virginia border. I am the middle of 5 siblings and have two loving parents that support me and care for me daily. I became interested in teaching when I was a Sophomore in high school. I needed an extra curricular class and I decided to be a teacher’s aide. When I signed up for the class, I had no idea that I would be participating in something I wanted to partake in for the rest of my life. I was placed with a Kindergarten teacher and was her aide until I graduated high school. I still remember the feeling of seeing those children everyday and watching them grow and learn new concepts. I remember being apart of that and having a full heart whenever I realized that I was impacting these students. I want to be someone of change and someone of impact and that is why I decided that I wanted to teach for the rest of my life. I have now had experience with grades Pre- K-8th, which I will be licensed in this coming May 2020. I am excited to take you on my journey through education and show you so many amazing things I have found helpful, things I have accomplished, and all the students who have touched my heart.


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