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Celiac Disease Within College Students

Topic & Blog Outline

Guiding Questions

  • Who is your audience?
    • Longwood college students with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
  • What is your objective?
    • The goal is to accomplish better food options on campus for students with celiac disease.
  • What challenges does your audience face in achieving your objective?
    • The lack of good food options
    • Very minimal accommodations
  • What resources can you provide?
    • Provide additional food options and alternatives for students with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Outline/Main Topics to Cover

  • What is celiac disease and gluten intolerance? And what is the difference?
    • This will help define the struggles this population has and why they need specific accommodations. It will also go into depth about the differences of the disease and intolerance and why at times they go hand in hand.
  • How does this disease and intolerance already affect college students?
    • This will identify the connection and struggles that may already be there with these students and help us connect and find problems within this population and area.
  • Accommodations that can be made for this population.
    • This will help relay different adjustments that can be made on campus for students with this disease and help identify minimal changes that can help create a better variety of food options.
  • What options are already on campus?
    • This will list what is already available on campus and the accommodations that are given to these students.

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