Personal Profile

Gabrielle G. Mosley


Inclusionist and Advocate

Preferred Population of Interest: Adults and Geriatrics

Theoretical Frameworks and Approaches

-Evidence-based Practices

-Internal Family Systems

-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

-Empowerment Theory

-Strengths-based Perspective

-Person in Environment

-Psychodynamic Therory

Quality work that expanded my knowledge of the field of social work, as well as a demonstration of an application of knowledge :

I was awarded the opportunity to represent Longwood University at the NACADA Region 2 conference for academic advising and success. A few of my peers and I presented on behalf of CMM (Call Me MISTER) and CLASP (Collaborating with Lancer’s for Academic Success Program). I valued this opportunity, because I was able to honor CLASP and all it has helped me achieve. With my parents and CLASP support I have spent around 2 years diligently working to get this degree, honor my identity, and explore life as a young adult. I was able to share my experiences of campus life at a PWI during societal injustices and a pandemic which was tough. CLASP uplifted my tenacity and helped me gain courage to reach even further for the plans ,promises, and purpose God has over my life. I am VERY thankful to be afforded this opportunity to be a change agent, advocate, and ally for other students in my position at other institutions.

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