About Me

Hello! My name is Emmalee Chandler. I am a rising senior at Longwood University and I study social work. Throughout my time at Longwood, I have grown and developed many professional skills. I am the historian for a group on campus called “Longwood University Peer Health Educators (LUPHE)”, we try to advocate and educate students on campus regarding topics that many may shy away from. LUPHE provides educational programs related to hazing, sexual health, drug and alcohol use, sexual misconduct, stress, mental health, and many more topics.

As a social work student, most of my experience with social work comes from my junior internship. I completed my internship at the Prince Edward County Department of Social Services. I gained experience interacting with clients, understanding situations from different perspectives, and figuring out which services could be useful for various populations. I am a people person, and the internship solidified my want to work with all types of individuals.

The purpose of this e-Portfolio is to invite you to understand my journey, achievements, and goals. This highlights many of my experiences as a social work student, and as an individual who has had various life experiences that influenced my decision of social work. Thank you!

Welcome :)