Hi everyone! My name is Alex Michalek, and as a member of Longwood’s academic community, I enjoy studying the medical care field because I think it is interesting. My goal when I come out of Longwood’s nursing program is to work in a hospital with children because something I love to do is help others as much as I can. I recently volunteered at my church to help feed homeless people. ENGL 210 will help me with my future academic classes because this class provides a great understanding of how to use multimodal projects. A multimodal project will help me in my other courses to communicate in different ways by using images, videos, and social media to make my projects more exciting and to also draw more attention to my work!

The goal for my e-portfolio is to draw my audience as much as possible by using different modes like linguistic, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial. These modes will help me communicate with my audience in different and more exciting ways. Another goal I have for this e-portfolio is to make sure that my audience can trust me by using creditable sources so they can know where my work is coming from. 

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