Post #1: Introducing your Blog

Hello! My name is Rachael Poole and I am a junior English Major with a concentration in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. I’ve created this blog for my ENGL 301 class that will focus on the rhetorical criticism of film, pop culture and multimodal texts. This blog will serve as a portfolio for all of my analyses of rhetorical texts throughout this semester and show how rhetorical criticism and analysis can be used in everyday life! I feel that this blog will be helpful to not only my fellow classmates but future students who take this course and others like it.

This course is similar to the Organizational Rhetoric class that I took last year in that we are offering an analysis of different texts and ideas. Because of my experience in that class, I feel that I will exceed in this class, also due to the fact that I am genuinely interested in the course material outlined for us this semester. This class will help me further my understanding of different rhetorical perspectives as well as help further my writing skills as a professional writer. I am excited to see what this class holds for me in future assignments. 

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