Ch 9 Application – “Law of Magnetism” 

Work at staffing your weaknesses and recruiting people who will complement your leadership in the area of skills.

1.  Write a list of your five greatest strengths when it comes to skills. Then write your five greatest weaknesses. 



Work ethic





Too hard on myself

Fluctuating belief in myself

Time management 


Lack of communication at times

Ch 9 Action – “Law of Magnetism”

Effective leaders are always on the lookout for good people. I think each of us carries around a mental list of what kind of people we would like to have in our organization or department. Think about it. Do you know who you’re looking for right now?  What qualities would they possess? Would you want them to be aggressive and entrepreneurial? Are you looking for leaders? Do you care whether they are in their twenties, forties, or sixties? Stop right now, take a moment, and make a list of the qualities you’d like in the people on your team. 

1. My People Would Have These Qualities: Above all else, my team needs to be trustworthy(+), honest(+), loyal(+), and growth oriented(X, sometimes I get a little caught up in road blocks or failures and lose sight of the big picture/growth mindset of getting better every day). Loyalty to the team will align their goals and decision making with the best interest of the team. 

Now, what will determine whether the people you want are the people you get, whether they will possess the qualities you desire? You may be surprised by the answer. Believe It or not, who you attract is not determined by what you want. It’s determined by who you are.

2. Go back to the list you made, and for each characteristic, you identified, decide whether you possess that quality: For example, if you wrote you would like “great leaders” and you are an excellent leader, that’s a match. Put a check ( +) by it. But if your leadership is no better than average, put an X and write “only average leader” next to it. If you wrote that you want people who are “entrepreneurial” and you possess that quality, put a check. Otherwise, mark it with an X, and so on. Now review the whole list. 

If you see a whole bunch of Xs, then you’re in trouble because the people you describe are not the type who will want to follow you. In most situations, unless you take strong measures to counteract it, you draw people to you who possess the same qualities you do. That’s the Law of Magnetism: who you are is who you attract.

3. What can you do to possess the qualities on your list that you put an X next to? Who can you learn from? What resources would help you? Confidence and trust in my daily process and routine will keep me in a growth mindset. It can be easy for me to lose trust in my process at times. I believe I would benefit from listening to coaches and players speak about their experiences in the ups and downs of playing baseball. 

Ch 10 Application – “Law of Connection” 

What does it really mean to connect with yourself? It means knowing and liking who you are. Start by measuring your level of self-awareness. Answer each of the following questions: 

1.  How would I describe my personality? What is my greatest character strength? What is my greatest character weakness? What is my single greatest asset? What is my single greatest deficit? How well do I relate to others (1 to IO)? How well do I communicate with others (1 to 10)? How likable am I (1 to 10)? 

I’d describe myself as outgoing, comfortable person. My strengths are in making people feel comfortable, my weakness is sometimes I think I talk a little too much! That being said I think I’m still a great listener, which is one of my best assets. My biggest deficit at times would be maintaining the mid level friendships. Creating time for people who I’m close with but are still outside of my inner circle is a place I struggle. I’d say I can typically relate to others well. I’m an outsider being from up north playing baseball at a southern school but this hasn’t caused me issues. (8/10). I believe I strive with communication but there’s always room to grow. (8/10) I think I’m likeable when people know me. I don’t really have any enemies. (8/10)

Now ask two people who know you well to answer the same questions about you. Compare answers. If their answers are significantly different from yours, then you have a blind spot you need to rectify. Engage a mentor, growth, and accountability partner, or counselor to help you become more self-aware and to help you value your strengths and deal positively with your weaknesses. 

I have created this chart to help you. 

QuestionsYourself1st person (Justin)2nd person (aidan)
How would I describe my personality? outgoingfriendlySure of yourself
What is my greatest character strength? Confident and sure of what I say and dogrindersmarts
What is my greatest character weakness? I beat myself upBeing hard on yourselfWhat justin said, plus being unorganized
What is my single greatest asset? Good listenerGive good adviceYou won’t accept 2nd best
What is my single greatest deficit? Maintaining some friendships in outer circlesYou don’t listen to your own advice (somtimes)You expect to be perfect and have a hard time handling not being perfect
How well do I relate to others   (1 to 10)? 899
How well do I communicate with others (1 to 10)? 899
How likable am I (1 to 10)?899

Ch 10  Apply – “Law of Connection” 

When a leader has done the work to connect with his people, you can see it in the way the organization functions. Among employees, there is incredible loyalty and a strong work ethic. The vision of the leader becomes the aspiration of the people, and the impact is incredible.

This week, spend time connecting with someone on your team (or in this class) that you don’t already know very well. Find an appropriate situation that will allow you to talk about interests. You could ask the person to join you or a group for lunch.

1. Make it a goal to learn at least three things about the person. 

Name of person:

Name of person Aidan TierneyAt least three things you learned about them
1 Loves the underdog mentality. Likes to prove people wrong.
2 Never doubts himself
3 Always remains positive. (currently battling a recurring injury. Crazy story actually, this kid made the starting roster his opening day after a great pre season, and dislocated his shoulder in his 3rd career at bat. Came back 5 weeks later, hit a grand slam in his first game, then re-separated his shoulder in his next at bat. That would crush most people…He stays positive) 

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