Project Reflection

When doing my FLE community information project my focus was intimate partner domestic violence.  I worked with multiple different officers to complete this project.  I did my own research, and used that to create different interview questions, then proceeded with the interview process and was able to complete four with five different officers.  This project helped me to learn a lot about this topic.  I thought I already knew a lot about it, because it is a topic that has always interested me.  I now understand this topic not only from a research perspective but also from a law enforcement aspect, and what they are able to do to help in these types of situations.  Some strengths that I had throughout this process was I was able to talk to the officers easily as I plan to go into that field of work and am used to that.  As well as I already had some understanding of the criminal justice side of everything.  An area for improvement would have been to try and schedule all of my interviews earlier.  We could only do everything so early, but I do believe they could have been a little bit closer than they were.  I also would have tried to get more done, earlier, so that I was not struggling to finish this project along with all of the other work that I had to do throughout the semester.  Although when Dr. Bidwell and I created a timeline for me, that truly helped me to be able to manage my time a little bit better, as that is something I am always working on.  I also was able to work on more professional skills during this project.  I was able to continue my work on time management as stated previously, talking to new people and working through an interview topic, as well as being able to work on my public speaking skills.  All of these things will help me to strive in the future, as they are all very important aspects of not only my future career but life itself.