Living-Learning Community

Community is one of the foundational pillars that the Cormier Honors College is built upon, and it sums up the experience that a scholar of the Cormier Honors College experiences at Longwood University.

As a freshman, I lived in the Wheeler Residence building, along with about a hundred other freshman that were a part of the Cormier Honors College. Some of us, in between doing homework or projects, would gather in the lounge on the third floor and play games, bake cookies, and build friendships with each other, and we had this opportunity because of the Cormier Honors College and the community it brings to everyone. We were all taking HON CTZN 110 our first semester, and would often discuss the differences and similarities of the teachings in each of our classes, and we all felt that we were bonded together through this area of the school.

Even though now we will all be living in separate buildings our next 3 years at Longwood, because of the community we had together our first year, that community will follow us for the years to come, regardless of where we are.