From my first year experience here, community seems to be the most important Pillar to me, as well as the school environment entirely. Being a student here at Longwood University has taught me the importance of community. Community is a huge part of being a Longwood student, because we are a wonderful and unique community. As I have gone through my first year here, I have become connected with so many different people. Each of us have different beliefs, personalities, hobbies, etc. However, we are so much alike when it comes to the community we learn and grow in. Throughout my time here, I know I will create relationships of a lifetime and learn more and more about community each and every day.

When I first moved into Frazer, I was the only one on my floor. I had moved in almost a week early due to the Honors Retreat. I was so nervous to meet new people, not even realizing that they people I meet in this community would be a second family. Throughout the Honors Retreat, I met some of my closest friends. We did almost everything together and helped each other grow in our new home/community. One of the best times during my (half) year here was Spring Weekend. This is where I knew that this was the community I belonged in. Color wars, the march to the game, the concert, the fundraising booths, everything… made it feel just like home.