Vulnerability- Teen boys have  shown to have more aggression physically, teen girls have shown to be excluding their peers and saying hurtful comments towards one another. Social media is the perfect place for others to let out their aggression and dislike for one another without the belief of having many consequences. 

Social media can also give a sense of a false reality which only highlights the best of people’s lives and does not show what they truly go through and do throughout their daily life. Many people who are exposed to the ‘lavish life’ people portray on social media, will oftentimes compare their own lives to the lives that are displayed on social media. 

Many teenagers, especially women, often create a false idea of what beauty is based on what they see on social media. This is because social media is filled with people who try to portray the best version of themselves, and they are exposed to people who use photoshop and facetune in order to get the look they want. This then causes a representation of beauty that is unattainable by many, or all people, then creating people to develop body issues, low self-esteem, and sometimes bigger issues such as eating disorders. 

It is also important to know that teens will start using social media around the time they start to become more invested in their peers. Due to social media causing people to feel as if they have a higher social life and others using it as a main form of communication, causing them to pay more attention to how the people they are surrounded by live their lives and what they say or how they communicate. Having the power and the ability to post anything, good or bad, is not the power teens should have because they are too vulnerable to false information and negativity. 

~ by Benjamin Barnes on October 2, 2022.