Getting to Know Me

I am a future nurse attending Longwood University in the heart of Farmville, Virginia. In my free-time, I enjoy dancing, spending time with family and friends, and seeking new adventures. I prefer mountains over beaches, dogs over cats, coffee over tea, summer over winter, and sweet over sour.

I have involved myself in many different sports during my nineteen years of life (i.e. cheerleading, tennis, softball, gymnastics, and, now, dance) which makes me always in the mood to be doing something. Of course, I do have those lazy days like everyone else, but if you’re in the mood for adventure, then so am I.

I have two beautiful nieces and one spunky nephew, all of whom I adore. I basically claim them as my younger siblings since both of my siblings are older. My brother is twenty-six and a thrill-seeker, and my sister is thirty-two and rebellious. I have a pretty large family overall, since my grandma on my father’s side has five children. All of her children (my aunt’s and uncle) all are married and have one to three children of their own, and some of their children have children of their own! There may be a lot of us, but none feel left out as we all love each other so dearly.

Amidst my sometimes chaotic life, I am very blessed and am thankful and grateful for everyone that has contributed to making my life this blessed.

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