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This picture shows the beauty in simplicity. These small rocks appear to be emerging out of the frozen snow.

Taken right after sunrise, this picture shows the tiny droplets of dew on blades of green grass. The dew and the grass are the main focus of this picture with a blur of mountains  in the background, representing the idea of small things being just as important if not more important than big things. Yellowstone National Park is huge, but resolving issues one at a time (wolves, bison, bears) is best.

The sun coming up through the clouds is a wonderful orange-red color with a slight hint of pink. There is a contrast of dark green mountains and a hint of white snow. The road in the middle-ground is a reminder of human impact on Yellowstone National Park. People drive through the park everyday and stop to look around.

The sunrise in this picture is just looking over the rocky mountain, it shows the amazing landscape of Yellowstone early in the morning.

This picture portrays the fine line between nature and human impact. The elk are free to roam around wherever they please. However, there is a sign on a log stating that no person may go off the path. The fact that the sign is on the log shows how the sign is made to look more natural to blend in with the environment.

These two pictures are related because one of the main sources of income for people living here is tourism. The street sign has Yellowstone Street on it advertising the proximity of Gardiner, Montana to the Yellowstone National Park. The buildings in the second photo are yellow also advertising the Yellowstone National Park.

This photograph shows how the land is used locally. The houses are all close together, but there is a large amount of mountainous land around.

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