Letter to My Senior Self

Hey Jackson!

So its 2019 and freshmen year just ended. Right now I’m sitting on my bed thinking about the future and where I’ll be. Freshmen year was a tough one. A lot of stuff bad and good happened, but you got through it. You made amazing friends and fantastic memories with them. All in all it was a good year.

Right now I have three more years ahead of me, and I’m so excited for them. Being in college has been one of the best experiences so far. I’m hoping that in the future it stays this good. I’m hoping that I continue to have good grades. I hope that my friends and I make many more unforgettable memories. I hope you and I had the best four years of our life.

Lets assume I’m reading this before graduation. Pretty soon you’re going to have your degree. This has been something that you’ve wanted and worked towards for so long. I want you to finish strong. Knock out however long is left before graduation. You can do this, do it for dad. He was always proud of you. He is watching you right now and always. Now stop reading this, go study or do whatever you need to, and lets get this degree!

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