This portfolio highlights the main projects completed throughout English 400-16: Active Citizenship-An Advanced Writing Seminar. The main sections of the portfolio include an introduction, course journal entries, a rhetorical analysis paper, common good project materials, and a conclusion. A reflective essay introduces each section of the portfolio. These essays are designed to present the rhetorical knowledge and skills gained by completing each of the projects as part course requirements. Completion of the coursework will set me up in my future goals as an active member in the community and in my professional career. I enjoy doing volunteer work and plan to continue my volunteerism throughout my lifetime. I believe in active citizenship and advocating for the common good. My values and beliefs have led me to pursue a professional career as a Social Worker. Many of my responsibilities in my future career will involve active citizenship and empowering others to also participate in active citizenship. I am confident that this course has and will help me in the future to persuade others both verbally and in written materials, such as educational materials, case notes, and policies, to be a part of the change for the common good.

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