Who Am I?

Hello world!


My name is Jessie Sawyer, I am a junior at Longwood University and on the road to becoming a high school English teacher. Growing up, I loved journalism and wrote about silly nonsense, politics, nature, and everything that would happen in my life everyday. I essentially trained myself to write through journaling and picking up tactics in the books I read. Teaching had always been an option for me, however, coming into college I simply had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I changed my mind on a career more than I changed my clothes. Until, I took the basic requirement (English 150) class at Longwood my freshman year and it was, to this day, my favorite class. And it made me realize how good I was in this field and wanted to share that with others. My friends began asking me to edit papers and help them brainstorm, and in doing so I began to realize how little instruction students have in grade school with writing. My friends didn’t understand even the basic grammatical structures, organization, and could barely write a choppy five paragraph essay. This all really got under my skin, and then one day it all just clicked. I came to the realization that the perfect profession and lifestyle for me would be to teach the subject I love the most and feel is the most essential to success. So here I am, on the road to hopefully becoming the teacher I would want, and that my friends needed.

“There is something magical that happens when school becomes something other than, ‘question-correct answer-repeat’ ” -Tom Mullaney