Post #3: Narrative Analysis (The Morals/Ideological Arguments)

Due by the class period on Monday, February 3rd

*Please respond to blogging prompts in a new posting in your own blog. Please enumerate and entitle all of your blog postings in line with the posting assignment number and title.

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A Narrative Perspective is another method of rhetorical criticism you may choose to use in your Critical Essay #1. For this blog post, you will respond to the following prompts and conduct a brief narrative analysis. Please follow our class meetings and assigned readings on the steps for using a narrative perspective of analysis.

  1. For the artifact, locate a film, a mediated popular culture text, or any multimodal text that you could potentially analyze for your Critical Essay #1. Ideally, the full transcript or a portion of your selected artifact should be available online so that you can include its link in your posting. If not, find another way to describe the artifact and include in your posting examples from the artifact’s content.
  2. Briefly describe the rhetorical situation of your artifact to inform your readers about its content.
  3. What is the goal of using a narrative perspective to analyze a text (an artifact)? How does this goal apply to your selected artifact?
  4. Briefly examine (describe and interpret) your selected artifact through a narrative perspective, by supporting your analysis with descriptions of or quotations from the artifact content.
  5. Based on your analysis, make a few statements to evaluate the potential implications of your selected artifact.

Be ready to share your findings when prompted in class.


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